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24-bottle Dual-Zone Thermo-Electric Wine Cooler w/Wooden Shelves


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Dual-zone offers two independent temperatures settings. Total 24 standard bottles capacity with 8 bottles on top and 16 bottles on the bottom. Double pane insulated glass door. Stylish design will compliment any kitchen or entertainment area. Simple to use digital controls with LED display. ThermoElectric Technology (no compressor) offers a quiet operation with no vibration. Adjustable temperature between 45?F to 54?F for upper compartment and 54?F to 65?F for lower compartment.

Note on thermoelectric cooling
Thermoelectric cooling uses the Peltier effect to create a heat flux between the junction of two different types of materials ? which transfers heat from one side of the device to the other. The benefits of thermoelectric cooling include energy efficiency, environmental friendliness and quiet operation (as there are no moving parts or circulating liquid). There are, however, limitations. Since a thermoelectric unit does not produce cold air but transfers heat from inside the cooler, the surrounding temperature plays a major role in the unit?s cooling efficiency. Thermoelectric cooler performs best when ambient temperature is in the mid-70?F. When the ambient temperature gets too hot (over 80?F), the unit will have a hard time removing enough heat to keep the interior temperature at the ideal wine storage temperature of 55?F.

Features and Functions

– ThermoElectric cooling system
– 24 standard bottles (8 and 16) / 65L capacity
– Digital controls with LED temperature display
– Environment friendly (refrigerant free)
– Slim design fits in more places
– Quiet operation
– No vibration (bottle sediment is not disturbed)
– 5 slide-out wooden shelves
– Double pane insulated glass door
– Soft interior light with switch
– Front leveling leg
– Black cabinet with platinum trim
– Recessed handle
– Adjustable temperature range: Top 45~54?F / Bottom 54~65?F
– Freestanding application

Capacity: 24 bottles / 65 liters
Input voltage: 120V / 60Hz
Current: 1.8A (77?F)
Input power: 130W
Protection class: I
Climate class: SN:N
Power consumption: 1.2kWH/24hr (59?F)
Color: Black cabinet with platinum trim
Temperature range (top / bottom): 45 ~ 54?F / 54 ~ 65?F
Working temperature: 52 to 89?F
Max temperature variance: 25?F
Unit Dimension: 17.7W x 20.7D x 28.7H in.
Package Dimension: 25 x 22 x 32 in.
Net weight: 50.4 lbs
Shipping weight: 57 lbs

Additional information

Weight 25.85 kg


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